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Everything You Need to Know About a Free Parental Control App

Today’s youth is a generation of digital natives with more access to all kinds of technology than any other generation in history. From televisions to computers, smartphones, tablets, and other personal devices, children become exposed to technology at age zero and begin to interact with them from a very young age—sometimes as early as two years—averaging in sitting time at around 6 ½ hours each day. How can you protect your kids against the dangers that lurk in the digital world?

The answer is a free parental control app—a responsible parent’s best tool against the negative implications of technology on children. It can help you make sure that your kids are using their devices intelligently and with caution, and that they can only view and interact with age-appropriate content. A free parental control app can also allow you to remotely monitor and control what your children see and do with their devices. Here, we explore what a parental control app is all about and how it can help parents keep their children safe:

The Child Safety Tracker includes many useful features:

  • SOS Button

With an easy one-touch SOS button, children can summon immediate help if they ever find themselves in an emergency. The SOS button will set off a loud alarm to attract instant attention.

  • Emergency Health Information

The app saves all the pertinent health information such as medical conditions, blood type, child’s allergies, pediatrician/doctor details, and more, so it remains easily accessible if your child ever needs instant medical help.

  • App Usage Monitoring

The child GPS tracker gives you complete control to monitor your child’s app usage and call logs to keep an eye on their daily activities. This makes it easier to protect them from potential threats like online scams, cyberbullying, child abuse, and other serious threats like kidnapping. 

  • Emergency Alarm

If your child fears any unwanted situation, he/she can set off a sound alarm to ask help from their immediate surroundings. All they need to do is to click the red button, and the app will play the alarm.

  • Round Robin calling

If your kid faces an emergency- such as being approached by strangers or the fear of getting assaulted or kidnapped – Child Safety Tracker can be triggered to call emergency contacts with a simple touch of a button. The app calls emergency contacts until someone from the emergency call list picks up the call. Thanks to this feature, you can be confident that someone will help your child if your phone is unreachable.

What Parental Control Apps are All About

Everything You Need to Know About a Free Parental Control App

Parental control apps are applications that can be downloaded and installed on your child’s device—be it a computer, tablet, or smartphone—to provide remote access to the said device. They give you the ability to see into, control, manage, and even block specific features of the device and other applications contained in it, to ensure the digital wellbeing and overall safety of your child. 

There are many different free parental control apps out in the market. What they can do varies widely, although they do share many basic child safety features. Most parental control and child safety apps allow parents to monitor their child’s internet activity from their browsers and download history to the websites they visit. 

Some apps also enable parents to block access to specific device features and applications and even set-up timers to limit the amount of time a child is allowed to access a particular app. Other apps are advanced enough to provide parents with up-to-the-minute information on how children are using the apps on their device, monitoring children’s text and social media messages, saved contacts, phone calls, and other device-based interactions. 

Perhaps most useful for app for parents with teens and children with special needs is one that comes with GPS tracking features, allowing real-time tracking of a device’s location. The best apps also have geofencing features that will enable you to set up grids and get alerts whenever your child enters or exits a particular space. The app helps you keep a close eye on your child’s whereabouts and see to it that they are where they are when they say they are.

Free Parental Control App: Child Safety & Tracker App

Everything You Need to Know About a Free Parental Control App

With an excellent suite of tools and features, Child Safety & Tracker App provides parents a robust, unobtrusive parental control and child monitoring app. 

They are specifically designed to keep children safe from the horrors of digital hyperconnectivity and the dangers of wandering from “safe spaces” parents deem secure. This free parental control app remotely monitors a phone’s location and general usage, protecting children against online dangers, scams, abuse, wandering, and even physical dangers like slips and falls.

Busy parents often have a hard time keeping track of their children’s whereabouts, let alone how they spend their screen time. Child Safety & Tracker App has a robust collection of powerful parental control and child monitoring tools that allow parents to stay one step ahead when it comes to risks like wandering, teen depression, online predators, and cyberbullying. 

Created by parents and for parents, this free parental control app offers a convenient and effective way to keep your child as close as possible and ensure their safety, whether they are out and about or on their bed or couch, surfing the web or using their favorite apps. 

The Child Safety & Tracker App was built and designed in collaboration with digital media experts, child psychologists, parents, and law enforcement. It delivers a completely child-friendly solution for modern parents to create a supervised, protective, and generally safe environment for teens and young children when digital devices take over most of their waking lives.