Child Tracker App FAQs

Concerned about your child loved ones?

The Child Safety App makes it simple and easy to keep your loved ones safe. To learn more, browse our knowledge base below, or simply email us for help at [email protected].

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The Child Safety App is simply the easiest cell phone monitoring tool available. If you’re worried about your young family members, this is an excellent way to enable them to reach you quickly in case of emergencies and for you to monitor their whereabouts 24/7. Protect your child from abuse and scams by monitoring cell phone usage and enabling the GPS tracker for child option. The Child Safety App is built on a platform that is used by over 1 million users worldwide.

Yes. The Child Safety App can be configured to send cell phone activity reports to your email.

The Child Safety App requires less than 4 MB for installation.

The Child Safety App can be installed on all Android devices, version 2.3 and above.

The software needs less than 3 mega bytes of data activity per day with constant location monitoring enabled.

Check phone internet connectivity. The phone should be online and background data activities must be enabled.

No. The Child Safety App requires an active internet connection at all times.

Login to your Child Safety App console at from your smartphone or computer.

Absolutely! The Child Safety App needs very little in terms of CPU or Memory, and can be used on almost any configuration phone. Many $50 phones run the Child Safety App very effectively.

Child Safety App & the GPS tracker for children has been tested in over 50 popular languages. If you notice a problem, please email us at [email protected], and we will be happy to help. We aspire to make the app work in all languages and welcome translation assistance from our users.

An unknown number is a number you don’t recognize.

The Child Safety App works worldwide in over 100 languages. Users in 97 countries use the app today.

Google translate enables the app to automatically translate to 100+ languages.


Yes. The Child Safety App API can be used to connect to the software database.
Email us for access at [email protected].

We have a “no-questions-asked” 30-day refund policy! Please write to us with your device name at [email protected]. We usually refund in minutes!

You can only install the Child Safety App if you have physical access to the device.

Yes, the Child Safety App can be used anywhere in the world. In fact, we have users from 97 countries currently using the app.

You may be using a version of Android that is below 2.3 or your phone might not have an active internet connection. Contact us for support at [email protected].

Follow these steps to recover your password:

  • Open the app on the phone or the web console at
  • Click the ‘Forgot Password’ option.
  • Provide your email address.
  • You will receive an email with password reset steps.

The Child Safety App is simpler and easier to use. We do not claim to be better than the rest, we simply offer an alternative to expensive alert devices using the power that most smartphones offer. The ability to find your child 24/7 on the map, track falls, inactivity, and receive geo-fencing alerts is unique to the Child Safety App.

We vehemently condemn any illegal use of the app. Please contact authorities and we commit to full cooperation. Please email us at [email protected], if you need our help.

The Child Safety App uses Google location services for accurate location tracking. Google location tracking is best used with either GPS or WiFi as it improves location accuracy significantly. Please check if WiFi is enabled on the phone and set the location to a ‘High accuracy mode’.

You will receive an email alert if the Child Safety App is removed.

Location updates stop if internet connectivity fails. Rest assured that the location continues to be logged and will be synced with our servers when internet connectivity is available again.

These are almost never real people and some records may be device manufacturer specific.

This means that the application usage time will not log and logs will not be displayed in App Usage Log widget.

Please enable the application usage on the target device using the steps below.

Go to:

Phone Settings > Security > Apps with usage access > Child Safety App > Toggle On

Fall detection detects a fall of the device using the information collected by your mobile sensors such as the accelerometer, and sends the alert to the reporting email when a fall is detected.

Inactivity tracker shows the idle time of the device and sends you an email alert based on the configurable interval of inactivity.

The app will send an alert for both slots when the SIM card is changed.

A ‘location only access’ password only gives location information access to the user. You can set this up by using the profile edit option on the top right of the app.


Between 2- 5 minutes depending on internet and GPS availability.

We use mobile reception to compute an approximate location of the device if GPS is unavailable.

Deleted messages will not be visible on the phone but the Child Safety App still shows them on the report.

The data collected is saved in an encrypted format on the Cloud. Direct access to data in bulk is not possible due to the design of the system.

Your password controls gives you the sole access to the data. Also, the data is not connected to the phone number but to the device name you enter.

Yes. You can export data from the Cloud control panel and import it into your software. The format of the export can be easily modified in a spreadsheet software as needed.

For privacy reasons the application cannot be transferred. It must be deleted and a new licence installed.

There is no limit on the number of devices you can associate with your account.

Sign into your Google Play Store account. Click ‘My Apps’, choose Child Safety App, and uninstall the app.

Click on the subscription ID in the email from PayPal and click “Cancel Subscription.” Your subscription will end at the completion of your next billing cycle.

Once canceled, your device will revert back to the free version of the Child Safety App at the end of the subscription cycle.

It may take up to an hour after the Child Safety App is installed for the location to show up in the online control panel. If the device is stationary it may take longer.

Simply install Child Safety App on any phone that you wish to monitor. When the registration screen appears, enter the same email address and password that you used to create your first account, and save settings. It will be automatically linked to your account.

You can view all devices linked to your account directly from your console at

Child Safety App works via an app installed on the target phone, not with a phone number. You should have the Child Safety App installed on the device that needs to be monitored.

You can get the download link for the target device by simply entering the phone number at

Licenses are device specific – one license per device.


The Child Safety App is effective at tracking a phone’s location. There are some settings, however, that need to be set on the phone to ensure the Child Safety App can accurately report the phone’s location.

Open the Settings app
Touch Location
Make sure “Location” is turned on
Ensure the mode is high accuracy

Application logging is part of the Child Safety App pro product. We log the usage of all the apps and report on the time spent with each app. This requires access setting on the device. Steps below.

Phone Settings
Apps with usage access
Child Safety App > Toggle On

You can change settings on the app or on your online console at

You can access logs in your email or via the online control panel at

The location accuracy option lets you filter results on the map depending on the accuracy of the location logs. Because location-logs may often not be accurate due to weak GPS signals or no connectivity, you can use the location accuracy option to only see accurate logs when you need to be sure about the results.

This is to ensure user privacy is protected for the Google Play version of the Child Safety App. Child Safety App Pro does not show this notification, download it from

Some devices from vendors like Mi have additional security settings that do not allow apps to come online again after rebooting. There is an easy fix to this:

Open security app (NOT settings)
Open permissions
Open autostart
Toggle on – Child Safety App

This will ensure the app starts accurately when the device is rebooted.

Some phone manufacturers automatically disable background apps. The fix below will avoid this.

Phone Manager App > Touch to Optimise > Too many apps in memory cleanup white list > Tap to Prohibit button >> Enable Child Safety App / GBA location (Child Safety invisible).

Upgrade to the latest version of the Child Safety App using the link below.
How It Works – Child Safety App
Click on “view more” on the Geo-fencing widget. Adjust the circle on the map to create the geofence.

Any time the device enters or exits the geofence an email alert will be sent to your email.

Login to the app and update the time in ‘Send log report time’. Also, if you are using the Child Safety App Pro, you can change the time on the online console at

Please follow these steps:

1) Login at
2) Click on the device that you want to change Geo-fencing settings for.
3) Click on the Geo-fence log and use drag and drop to change the Geo-fence.
4) Alternatively, you can also find address in the search bar to change the Geo-fence.

No, each device needs a separate license. However, you can include any number of devices in a single account.

Please follow these steps:

1) Login at
2) Click on the device that you want to change Battery Alert settings for.
3) Click on the Alert log and then on Alert Configuration settings.
4) Select the battery level  you want and click the Save button.

One circle is supported in Geo-fence. Alerts are sent out for both entry and exit.

Please login to your web console at and filter to see the logs. You can view the logs from yesterday, the past 7 days, a month or other customized periods by using the date range filter.

Cancellation and Refunds

Login at, and select the device to be canceled. Click on settings and use the “Cancel subscription” option to cancel.

Once canceled, your device will revert back to the free version of the Child Safety App at the end of the subscription cycle.

If you made a purchase and wish to uninstall within 30 days, you qualify for a no questions asked refund – No Questions Asked. Have a suggestion? Email us at [email protected].

If you need assistance with technical issues or need installation assistance please email us at [email protected].

Simply open the device, go into Settings > Applications, select Child Safety App and click uninstall.


Simply open the app on the target device, click on the “Forgot your password?”.

Use the “reset the device” option to wipe the configuration clean and restart.

Sometimes emails get delayed due to a spotty internet connection. Please check the internet connection on the target device.

Also, check your Spam folder. Sometimes emails don’t get delivered to the inbox.

The ‘Transfer License’ option will not show up unless you install the app on the new phone using the same account.

You can upgrade the app anytime from Google Play Store.

Your logs will not be affected. Updates often add new functions or fix compatibility issues with new devices.

Make sure “Location” is turned on for the target device and ensure the mode is set to high accuracy.

If location tracking is enabled, ensure you have the latest version installed. Get the latest version from Google Play Store.

The password reset link is set to expire in 1 hour. Go to and enter your registered email address to reset the password. Please reset the password within an hour of getting the email.

Please ensure location tracking is enabled from Settings > Location.

If location tracking is enabled, ensure you have the latest version installed. Get the latest version here Google Play Store.

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