Child Safety & Tracker app is the brainchild of Dr. Devikaa Manghnani, who is an accomplished plastic surgeon trained at Safdarjung Hospital, one of the largest public health facilities in India. With 15 years of experience in both private and public sectors, many of her patients have been children and young teens. As a doctor, she was privy to not just their health ailments but also the emotional dynamics between the parents and children.

Dr. Devikaa Manghnani

In her years as a doctor, Dr. Devikaa treated scores of teens and children and worked in close proximity with their family members. She saw teens are very vulnerable, and even though they have concerns about their own safety, many will not approach for help and may also have objections to well-meaning efforts. This streak of independence, while admirable, could be a cause for concern for parents. Stress, depression, cyber bullying, road safety, online safety are some of the issues that teens face today.

To address these concerns, a thought developed in her mind to use technology that would build a bridge between the children and their family members, with neither of them feeling intrusive. A lot of expensive devices exist in the market; these are often cumbersome and would break easily. Something simple, free, and easy to use was needed. In today’s time, when phone apps are getting more and more powerful, could a similar app bring parents close to their children?

One patient that is ingrained in her memories is a 12-year-old girl that fell from her bicycle and could not reach her parents causing anxiety in the child for a long time. In Dr. Devikaa’s words, “She was under my care for injuries caused due to falling off her bicycle. Her parents could not reach her after the accident because no one was aware of her location.  The parents gave me the idea of this app when she just out of the blue asked me why can’t we use ‘science’ in a manner that they can see where her daughter is at all times, and her daughter can ‘summon’ them when there is an emergency? That got me thinking about how we can use technology as a bridge between the children and their family members.

Another patient that helped push the idea of this app was an 11-year-old boy who faced cyberbullying. His parents were concerned about not having a window into their child’s digital world, and not knowing how to protect them against the perils of online threats.

Dr. Devikaa contracted 97Technologies to design an app that is not just functional but also easy to use, free, and driven solely towards the need of young children, teens, and parents.

The Pro version that tracks location 24/7 requires a small subscription fee to cover technology costs.

Child Safety & Tracker App remotely monitors the phone’s location and use, to protect your child around the clock against dangerous situations, noisy environment & abuse, falls, and wandering. The app offers powerful monitoring tools and parental controls, allowing parents to stay on top of issues such as cyberbullying, online predators, teen depression, reckless driving, and other safety risks.

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