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Raising kids in this digital age means protecting them from the dangers of the internet. It’s a dodgy world out there—aside from inappropriate content and misinformation, there are all kinds of online bullies, hate groups, and predators. How do you make sure that your kids don’t become victims? Is there a tool that can help you ensure their safety?

Here’s good news: YES, there is. All you need is a child tracker app.

Child Safety Tracker is a feature-packed child monitoring tool that you can quickly download for your smartphone. Aside from letting you keep an eye on your children’s locations, it lets you check their phone activities. Now you can protect them against the many dangers of a world that are becoming increasingly reliant on the internet and mobile technologies.

This parental control app is an excellent tool for monitoring your children’s phone behavior and keeping tabs on how much time they spend on social media. With this child phone tracker, you can safeguard your kids from cyber threats, bullying, and other potential dangers that lurk on the internet.

1. Warn your kids about inappropriate app usage

Child Safety Tracker generates reports about their phone usage patterns and app activities. It provides an easy-to-use and comprehensive control panel where you can review their app usage history. You can even see if they switch SIM cards. See some red flags? For example, are your kids spending too much time on social media apps like Facebook or Snapchat? Avert potential dangers by warning your child about harmful activities they might be doing online.

2. Prevent them from getting lost and wandering

Child Safety Tracker also lets you set geographical boundaries and sends you alerts in case your kids step out of the “safe zones” you’ve indicated. Should your children get lured into potentially dangerous situations where they are forced to go to an unfamiliar place by a stranger they’ve been talking to online, the app can send you notifications on their whereabouts, especially when the place is outside the safe zones you’ve set up.

3. Come to their rescue

Child Safety app has a fall tracker and a high G-forces tracker that will alert you should your kids find themselves in dangerous situations that involve sudden movements—like being in a violent fight, rash driving, etc. It also has an inactivity tracker that monitors for suspicious idleness. You never know when online predators might physically harm your children, and this app can tell you right away if they might be in danger.

4. Activate privacy settings

Of course, a child phone tracker application like Child Safety Tracker is only as good as how you use it. This is why it’s also important to enforce strict rules on phone use, to begin with. Protect your child’s privacy by enabling apps that are designed to shield personally identifying information online. Install parental controls to filter out content that you don’t want them to access. Talk to your child about using stronger passwords and smart usernames, and discuss with them what types of information should not be shared online.

5. Limit their screen time

Parents have the power (and responsibility) to limit the amount of time their kids spend on the internet. The less time they’re on the web, the less likely they will be exposed to its dangers. Enforcing a strict schedule on when they can go online and establishing good cyber hygiene is important if you want to protect your children from the hazards that lurk out there.

Modern technologies like Child Safety Tracker apps and similar tools are definitely handy in protecting your kids from online dangers. However, at the end of the day, your children will copy you. They are strongly influenced by how you use technology, so you have to be a good role model.

Do you tend to endlessly scroll through Facebook or Instagram when you should be spending quality time with them? Are you visibly agitated or stressed when you’re offline for more than an hour? Do you take your phone into the toilet? These might seem harmless from your point of view, but to your kids, it shows that you “can’t live” without your phone. Why should their online time be limited when you don’t limit yours?

As a parent, your approach to screen time needs to be healthy and responsible. This is the best way to set a good example for your kids. So put that phone down during family meals. Resist the urge to constantly go online for entertainment. Develop offline family bonding activities that you all enjoy—be it walking the dog together or cooking simple meals in the kitchen.

It’s also important to talk to your children openly about the darker side of the internet and how they can protect themselves from it. You’ll be surprised at how receptive they will be. Kids are so much smarter than we think.