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Use Child GPS Tracker to Keep Track of Your Kids | Use Geofencing to Keep Track of Your Kids

Kids in their typical curious and restless state can be a challenge to keep an eye on. Whether at home, in school, a social function, the parks, or any other place that they frequent, children always want to move around, explore, and play with other kids. For a parent, it’s physically impossible to keep an eye on children all times—especially when you have teens who demand more freedom and independence. Fortunately, child GPS tracker technologies have advanced enough to include child monitoring app features, which can be extremely useful in keeping track of children’s whereabouts and making sure they are safe. Geofencing is one of the newest innovations in GPS tracking technology that can make this task easier for parents and guardians.

What is geofencing?

Use Child GPS Tracker to Keep Track of Your Kids | Use Geofencing to Keep Track of Your Kids

This segment of GPS tracking technology is all about the creation of imaginary boundaries around some geographical regions. This way, a parent can receive alerts and notifications when a child under monitoring leaves or enters these predetermined zones. 

Modern child monitoring app systems incorporate this technology to allow users to create multiple geofenced areas so they can monitor their children’s location all the time and keep them on their radar. Real-time alerts allow parents to determine safe zones for their children, like home and neighborhood, school, church, and other frequented venues. It also allows parents to set danger zones that they deem unsafe. 

How does geofencing work, and how do you mark ‘safe’ and ‘danger’ zones? 

Geofencing takes advantage of GPS tracking, which most smartphone systems employ. With a Child Safety & Tracker App, you can create and set virtual perimeters based on real geographical areas. And every time your phone-bearing child leaves or enters those areas, alerts are sent to your own mobile phone, notifying you of their whereabouts. 

You may mark ‘safe’ zones by setting boundaries around areas your child typically visits or stays in. Like your home and your immediate neighborhood, their school area, your local church, and places that you usually take your child to, like their afterschool destinations and activity venues. ‘Danger’ zones can be areas within your locality that aren’t kid-friendly or perhaps are notoriously unsafe for children. 

Why use geofencing to keep track of your child?

Use Child GPS Tracker to Keep Track of Your Kids | Use Geofencing to Keep Track of Your Kids

Geofencing features in a child tracker app can be an essential tool for parents who always want to know where their kids are when they are not in sight. Geofencing keeps children out of trouble by ensuring they are where they should be at any point in time. Geofencing helps parents by:

  1. Keeping them aware of their children’s whereabouts 24/7. Geofencing lets you keep track of your child while at work or even when traveling.
  2. Alerting them when children have reached school and when they leave. This works for all other locations within your geofence list.
  3. Setting safe zones and marking dangerous zones so the app can send appropriate notifications and warnings in case a child wanders in areas where they shouldn’t be.
  4. Keeping close watch of driving teens. Geofences can likewise be useful for parents of driving teens, triggering alerts, and warnings the moment their child’s vehicle leaves authorized zones. 

In a pandemic situation like COVID-19, the Child Safety Tracker offer an invaluable tool for safeguarding children’s safety.

With the unseen disease spreading everywhere, local directives and public-safety standards restrict people’s movements. Still, you can never be too careful when it comes to your family’s health and security. You can use Child Safety Tracker’s geofencing features to identify areas where the threat of the disease is extremely high and mark them as ‘danger’ zones. This will help you ensure that your kids never venture into those hazardous parts of the neighborhood.  

Apart from geofencing, the app offers a long list of useful features to keep your child safe. This includes a one-touch SOS button, which enables the app to call up to a total of 5 people in series until an emergency contact picks up in case of SOS situations. The app also features location logs and app usage monitoring, high ambient noise alerts, and notifications for potentially dangerous situations, falls, and even unusual inactivity. This can help you send the appropriate help to your child whenever they need it.