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Parental Controls – Understanding the Impact of Online Android Games on Children

You may have played some video games growing up, but now that you’re an adult and a parent, you’re probably concerned about how they affect your own children. And you have every right to be worried. Video games these days are so easily accessible. Kids can play anytime they want using their phones. And while these games are entertaining and help keep boredom at bay, they could have a negative impact on your child’s health and well-being. It’s a good idea to install a free parental control app on their mobile device to monitor their usage.

Fortnite and PUBG are among the popular games among kids today. However, they are known to affect children in the following ways:

Impact of PUBG Android Game on Childrens - Parental Controls


Studies show that kids who spend too much time playing on their phone are prone to becoming lazy and unproductive, with no time for other activities like their homework. The game habit often distracts them from doing physical activities and spending time with family and other friends, too.

Too much violence

PUBG and Fortnite are known for some extremely graphic and violent content, causing them to be banned in some countries. There may be debates on the effects of graphic violence on kids, but one thing is for sure: As the parent, you need to be mindful of your child’s exposure to that kind of content. A free parental control app can help you oversee what your kids are playing and if their games are negatively impacting their overall behavior.

Negative consequences on physical health

Playing video games could reduce your child’s overall physical activity because they often have to sit for hours without moving. This could make them prone to weight gain and obesity. Moreover, constantly staring at the screen for hours could affect their eyesight, posture, and cause headaches.

Mental health is affected

The World Health Organization has classified video game addiction as a mental disorder. It can worsen existing mental conditions like depression, stress, and anxiety. Playing for extended periods could cause children to be alienated from others and become extremely introverted, leading to social anxiety. It may affect sleep cycles and make them feel unrested and fatigued throughout the day, too.

Should you monitor your child’s online games?

If your child has an unhealthy relationship with the games they play or are spending an unhealthy amount of time playing online, then you should definitely monitor them. A free parental control app can help with that. It will also help you protect your kids from predators who may be using those online games to prey on children.

How can parents monitor online games?

Track application usage using Child Safety & Tracker App

A free parental control app like Child Safety & Tracker App has an application usage feature. It lets you oversee your child’s app usage patterns to identify potential dangers and prevent them from occurring. These dangers include cyber bullying, kidnapping, and identity theft. The app will log usage and location information with help from a child GPS tracker, so you know exactly how much time your child is spending on the app and where they’re playing.