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It’s the start of the new year, and like most parents, you’ve probably become more pensive about how to improve your child-rearing style. One of the best New Year’s resolutions for those who have kids is to make child online safety a top priority. Luckily, a child safety app for a free parental control app can help you do exactly that. It’s time you learn how to use these technologies to keep your children safe in an increasingly digital world.

Why is online safety crucial for kids? 

Because children have access to internet-connected devices such as smartphones and laptops, threats that used to be outside—including bullying, sexual exploitation, etc.—Are now inside the home. If you have given your kids gadgets that allow them to go online, then it’s your responsibility to protect them as they use those gadgets. Criminals can reach your kids at any time through the internet. Vigilance is more important than ever.

The most common online dangers for children

There is a long list of potential online dangers, but in this blog, we talk about two of the most common threats—and sadly, also two of the most terrible:

  • Cyberbullying

This refers to using computer devices and mobile phones to tease, humiliate, threaten, offend, or her as someone—including kids. Like traditional face-to-face bullying, it can take an enormous psychological and mental toll on the victim, though its consequences are even more severe in many cases.

Here is an alarming truth: According to a study, 47% of young people have become victims of online bullying as of 2018. Threatening messages in negative comments your kids may receive on social media are examples of cyberbullying. Online harassers keep their identities hidden, making it hard to fight back. Consistent harassment has caused some kids to harm themselves, and some have even taken their own lives.

  • Online child predators

Pedophiles are the worst nightmare for any parent. They trap young boys and girls using online baits, flattery, and other tricks in attempts to get them to send photos and videos that they can sexually exploit. Some even go as far as stalking kids on the internet and luring them into dangerous encounters in real life. They lurk on gaming platforms and social media, looking for opportunities to exploit the innocence of children who are there, too.

How to ensure the online safety of your kids

Online Safety for Kids: The Best New Year’s Resolutions for Parents

Technology is making it easier to protect your children from digital threats. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Be present.

Keep your ears and eyes open. After all, you can’t protect your children if you’re not aware that they are being bullied or victimized. Stay updated about their day-to-day lives online and offline. If you notice sudden changes in their behavior and internet usage, find out the reason behind it.

  • Make the internet safer for your kids.

Use special software to block their access to content that may be age-inappropriate or objectionable. Make sure they can access unproductive or adult-oriented websites.

  • Teach them how to be responsible digital citizens.

Kids are very smart. If you educate them about child molestation, cyberbullying, and other threats online, they can protect themselves from such situations when you’re not there.

  • Use a tracking app.

Download the Child Safety & Tracker App and install it on the mobile phones of your children. This child safety app is a powerful monitoring and parental control tool that can help you stay on top of problems such as online predators, cyberbullying, teen depression, and many more. This free parental control app was created by parents for parents in collaboration with digital media experts, law enforcement professionals, and child psychologists. Try it today.