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How to Put Up Parental Controls for Android Devices | Child Safety Tracker App

With mobile phones and web devices becoming more and more integral to daily living, giving children the privilege of mobile phone access is unavoidable. Fortunately for careful parents, there are ways to protect young minds from all the dangers of this fast-paced, hyper-connected, increasingly digital world.

Android parental control technologies are for parents who want to restrict children’s phone use to keep them away from the dangers of web exposure, as well as the negative effects of prolonged cell phone use. Because your school child’s eventual need for their own mobile device is an inescapable reality, you want to have measures in place to help protect them from online dangers. Your child’s mobile device should be equipped with the right child monitoring app that can help you track their activities and restrict access to the shady parts of the internet.

When children have unrestricted access to the web, it becomes easier for them to accidentally and innocently stumble upon things that compromise their safety and innocence. From adult sites to sexual predators and other shady characters that prey on the trusting and curious nature of children, there are all sorts of dangers that lurk behind a phone screen. And while the internet can be useful for homework, entertainment, and communication/socialization, it is also fraught with dangers that put children’s safety at risk. This is why enabling Android parental control on your child’s mobile device is something you need to think about seriously.

Virtually every smart device nowadays comes with its own native set of parental control features that filter out what children can see and do online, therefore protecting them from its potential dangers. While setting up parental controls for your child’s device can be a bit tricky at first, it’s relatively easy to understand once you get the hang of the phone’s setup. In addition to native android parental control, you can reinforce your child’s phone safety with a Child Safety & Tracker App.

Setting up parental controls with Child Safety Tracker is as easy as:

Installing the App from Google Play

How to Put Up Parental Controls for Android Devices

(You may likewise send the app directly to your phone by accessing and following the instructions within site)

Change settings

How to Put Up Parental Controls for Android Devices

Within the app, you may toggle different features on or off, depending on the kind of restrictions you want on your child’s phone as well as the type of monitoring and control options you want to activate. With Child Safety Tracker, you may enter as many as 5 different emergency phone numbers, which the app will attempt to call in a round-robin fashion until someone picks up when your child clicks “Reach Emergency Contacts” on their phone. 

Likewise, you may choose when and how to receive emergency alerts and other notifications like fall risks, phone location tracking, app usage reports, geofence entries, exits, etc. 

It is also possible to adjust the sensitivity of the app’s fall and noise tracker features based on your child’s lifestyle. 

Once Your Child’s Phone is Set-up, You are Ready to Receive Reports and Alerts Based on your Preferred Settings

How to Put Up Parental Controls for Android DevicesYou will receive reports and alerts from the app’s special features:

  1. App usage and location logs, which track their app usage 
  2. Location tracking tracks their current location and allows you to review their recent whereabouts—the app keeps up to 90 days of location history
  3. Geofencing allows you to set geographical boundaries for your child’s safe or dangerous areas.
  4. Alerts for falls & inactivity, which allow you to send the appropriate help for your child, whenever needed
  5. Alert for high ambient noise, which helps you detect potentially dangerous situations your child may be in.

Access Online Control Panel

How to Put Up Parental Controls for Android Devices

Child Safety Tracker‘s online control panel is a cloud console that you can access to track your child’s phone 24/7. This console keeps an archive of your child’s phone usage data along with the alerts generated from and by the app. You may also modify app configurations directly from the console without physically accessing your child’s phone.