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Child Safety Tracker is the best free child tracking app in the market today, providing busy parents a convenient and effective means to check their kids’ whereabouts and protect them from the dangers of the digital world. This child tracker app is equipped with powerful monitoring and parental control tools that can help you stay on top of modern safety issues such as online predators, cyberbullying, increasing teen depression because of social media pressures and other such risks.

The Child Safety & Tracker app was created by parents, for parents, in collaboration with law enforcement professionals, child psychologists, and digital media experts. It offers an easy and effective means to keep children out of harm’s way both online and offline.

Over the years, the application has evolved into a powerful tool that takes into account practical experiences and situations that thousands of users have shared with its developers. Because it addresses real issues, Child Safety Tracker is easily the best free child tracking app out there.

Exactly how can this child tracker app help you and your family during emergencies? Read on to know more about its capabilities and useful features:


Child Safety Tracker can serve as your child’s “panic button” when they need immediate help. When pressed, the SOS button sets off a loud alarm to attract attention—a handy feature for when your child is in danger. 


If your child encounters an emergency—such as getting stuck somewhere unfamiliar or perhaps being approached by strangers and suspicious characters—this child tracker app can be triggered to call emergency contacts with a simple touch of a button. The app will then go through their list of emergency contacts until someone picks up from the other line.

Child Safety Tracker can save as many as 5 contacts in your child’s emergency call list. It goes through the list (round-robin style) to make sure that your child gets the attention that they require without losing precious time.

SOS messages can likewise be sent out to multiple people, along with your child’s real-time whereabouts and exact GPS location. This lets your family quickly and easily reach your child in times of trouble.


Child Safety Tracker also offers real-time location monitoring complete with geo-fencing and safe zone alerts. If you want to know exactly where your children are 24/7 and ensure that they are where they should be at specific times of the day, then this is the best free child tracking app out there.

It not only allows you to keep track of your child’s position round the clock—but it also saves up to 90 days of location history archives for reviewing, should you need to track your child’s movements and make sure that they are not going beyond areas or places that they are allowed to frequent.

The best thing about this child tracker app is that it enables you to set up geographical boundaries and safe zones, then sends you instant notifications should your kids leave or enter those boundaries. This can be extremely useful in keeping your children away from the wrong crowd or preventing them from wandering and exploring unfamiliar (and potentially dangerous) places all by themselves.


The app saves details like your child’s blood type, medical conditions and allergies, other information that can be lifesaving in an emergency situation.


Aside from all these, Child Safety Tracker is also equipped with app usage and location logging systems, giving you a clear picture of your children’s app usage patterns. This makes it easier to warn them about potential dangers they could run into and prevent them from placing themselves in harmful situations.


Child Safety Tracker has tons of other features that could be useful in times of emergencies, plus tools to prevent emergencies in the first place. It can send out alerts to inform you when your child’s phone batteries are about to run out. It pings their exact location during that time, too, making it easier to locate them should their phone completely run out of power. This handy feature can also help you find the phone should it get lost. 


This app can even send inactivity and fall alerts so you can check up on your kids and make sure that they are okay. The high noise alert feature will let you know if your child is in a suspiciously noisy environment, and the high g-force tracking will alert you of any sudden and violent movements that may be caused by dangerous situations, such as reckless driving.

It’s true what they say: Technological advancements like mobile devices are double-edged swords. They are both a blessing and a curse, especially for parents who want to give their child access to as much information as they need while protecting them from things that their young minds may not be ready for. Technology also opens up more ways for criminals to get creative and victimize unwitting children while they remain anonymous behind a screen.

With potential dangers like cyberbullying, online scams, identity theft, and even kidnapping lurking in the dark corners of the web, parents must all the more be vigilant about their choice of protective apps. You can’t go wrong with Child Safety Tracker. Download it today.