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How Cellphones are Damaging Memory in Kids

Cellphones may be convenient as they let you stay in touch with loved ones from almost anywhere. However, too much cell phone use can actually do more harm than good, particularly on kids. Mobile devices have been found to be one of the causes of digital amnesia—a condition that results from relying too much on technology. This is why many parents are now limiting their children’s cell phone use using a child phone tracker. This tool is also very helpful in letting you keep tabs on your children’s activities on their mobile devices to ensure their safety.

But before you install a child phone tracker on your kids’ phones, it’s important to understand exactly how cellphones can cause digital amnesia not only in children but also in adults. Read on to find out.

Kaspersky Lab Survey findings

‘Digital amnesia’ is becoming more common than ever. Many people quickly forget even the most important information because they trust their device to remember it for them. It is most evident in children who grew up in the digital age.

Kaspersky spoke to consumers in Europe and in other countries, and they discovered these very interesting numbers:

  • Up to 60 percent of adults could call the house they lived in at age 10, but not their kids (53%), or their office (51%). Around one-third could not call their partners.
  • 46% of respondents say that attempting to hold on to many little details suppresses creativity, but that those details can influence future ideas (75%). They solve this problem by storing these little details on their devices instead of their memories.
  • Two-thirds of consumers say that relying on their devices to remember things makes them capable of achieving more.

Short-term memory loss – are kids at risk?

Short term memory loss – are kids at risk?

With increased reliance on digital devices, the human brain can lose the ability to memorize things. Adults also use these devices, but kids are more likely to depend on technology to save and remember data because they grew up doing this. Youngsters are at a higher risk of developing short-term memory loss, especially if they use their phones all day and spend several hours on these devices.

The increasing exposure of kids to their cellphones is affecting adolescent figural memory. Researchers at the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute say that figural memory lets humans make sense of images, shapes, and patterns at the right side of their brain. Teens who hold digital devices at their right side of the ear are more likely to experience memory loss. Research also found that young, developing minds tend to be more sensitive to phone waves.

Other factors causing digital amnesia in children

With a child phone tracker, you can discover what your kids are doing with their devices. Besides making calls, you will probably find that they also spend hours texting, sharing photos, recording and sharing videos, and talking to their friends through messaging apps. They even sleep with their phones.

Stress is another factor that can affect short term memory. Excessive screen time, social media, calls, and messages can increase levels of anxiety, depression, and stress.  With many things on their minds and multitasking, kids are unable to focus on a particular activity. They end forgetting things more quickly compared to older people who grew up without digital devices.

The link between digital amnesia and smartphones

The link between digital amnesia and smartphones

Kids addicted to their phones have poor sleeping patterns. Better sleep is important for synaptic pruning, which gives the brain more room for new information by sidelining older ones. Interrupted sleeping patterns do not allow that.

Can kids overcome digital amnesia caused by cellphones?

Experts have suggested some practices that could help prevent digital-induced memory loss in children. Here are some of them:

  • No cellphones before bedtime.
  • Have a screen-free day at least once a week.
  • Install a child phone tracker app to monitor your child’s digital activities on their phone and to determine if they are using their phones in bed, so you can nip these bad habits in the bud.

Can parental phone control apps help in fixing memory issues in kids?

A child phone tracker like Child Safety & Tracker App for Android phones can help you monitor your kids and discover what they are doing on their devices. Reducing their screen time could improve their sleeping patterns and encourage interest in non-digital activities (i.e. sports and playing outside) to prevent digital amnesia and enhance their memory.